Most people want the choice of being able to die in their own home, in familiar surroundings and with their loved ones around them.  However, few people have the opportunity to do so as many families and friends do not have the experience of caring for someone who is dying and the thought of doing so can be frightening.

Premier Care is able to provide end of life care and support to help you and your family and friends. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and are constantly changing and are able to provide flexible and responsive support which is tailored to both you and your family and friends needs.

You may want help with personal care tasks such as getting dressed, washing, bathing, toileting, meal preparation etc.  We can also help with domestic tasks such as shopping, cleaning and laundry.  We can also accompany you to appointments.  The frequency and duration of support you require is flexible.

We are able to provide services at short notice, for example, returning home from hospital or respite for your family/friends.

You will have a dedicated team of staff who will provide your support and will treat you and your family and friends with compassion, dignity and respect at all times.  Our Carers receive specific training and are experienced in the delivery of end of life care and support.  

For more information on end of life care, contact your local branch and we can arrange for a no-obligation visit where our care co-ordinator will discuss your requirements.

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