You may be entitled to financial support.  You will need to contact your local Social Services Department and arrange for a social worker to carry out a needs assessment.  If eligible for funding, you will have the choice of either the Council arranging your support or having a Direct Payment.  More people are choosing a Direct Payment as if the Council arranges your support you may not be able to choose who will or what support will be provided.

Self directed support - getting a life, not a service

Self Directed Support is a new way of managing your own care needs.

It helps you take control of the care and support you need to live life as you choose which gives you a greater say over what help you need and how it is provided.

It can be managed directly by your or your family by taking a Direct Payment or through a care professional, like Premier Care through an Individual Service Fund.

Taking back CONTROL of your life

Direct payments

If you are eligible to receive care and support through the Council, you will be entitled to a Direct Payment.  This is an amount of money which is paid by the Council to the person for the person to spend on their support.  This means that you will have choice and control over who provides your support and what and how support you want provided.

If you do not want the responsibility of managing the money, we can do so on your behalf.  You and your family/friends will be able to track the services you receive, the payments we take and the balance of your allocated amount.  We will provide you with regular statements.

If you have been receiving support either directly or organised by your local Council, you may wish to look at the benefits of moving to a Direct Payment.

If more support than the Council can pay is needed, or if there is no entitlement to financial support then this will have to be paid for privately.

Individual service fund

This gives you the flexibility to design you own care and support without the responsibility of managing it.  The monies will be paid direct to Premier Care.  You and your family will be able to track the services you receive, the payments we take and the balance of your allocated amount.  We will provide you with statements on a regular basis.

Whichever option you choose you can be confident that we will provide you with care and support tailored to meet your everyday needs.  We can also help find additional support services such as handyman, gardening, chiropody etc.

Both of these options are available to you if you are eligible for funding through your local Council, whether you are currently receiving services or have just been assessed.

You have no need to worry if you are in receipt of benefits, as they won’t be affected as the amount allocated by the Council is not classed as income.

We offer a value for money service to those who are not eligible for funding or wish to pay privately.

For more information please contact your local branch and we will arrange for a no-obligation visit where our care co-ordinator will discuss your requirements.

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