Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for government assistance in meeting some, or all, of your care costs.

Most of the healthcare services we provide are free of charge to our patients under the NHS as long as you are referred by your GP. Those who need after care support, either as a result of an accident, or because they have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, are also eligible for government subsidies. People who are receiving healthcare treatment in a nursing or care home will not need to pay for their healthcare services.

Social care, unlike healthcare, is not free to everyone. Councils only have a limited amount of money and they may choose to pay for only those people who are in most need of help. When you contact your council about getting a care service it will carry out a care assessment. Depending on where you live, if your needs are assessed as low or moderate you may not be entitled to free care. If your needs do match the level set by your council, it will carry out a financial assessment.

There are also a number of financial support options for people who devote more than 35 hours per week to caring for a relative or friend. There are a number of criteria you must meet to qualify for the carer’s benefit, including being over 16 and ensuring the person you are caring for qualifies for a disability benefit.

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